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Environmental protection

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Environmental protection

Environmental protection goals formulated at the international and EU level are often incorporated and established in national laws, strategies, programs or plans and represent a supplement to authentic national goals.

The general objectives of environmental protection of Montenegro derive from the general objectives of environmental protection defined by the Law on the Environment, such as the preservation and protection of human health, the integrity, diversity and quality of the ecosystem, the gene pool of animal and plant species, soil fertility, natural beauty and spatial values , cultural heritage and man-made goods.

The goals relate to providing conditions for limited, reasonable and sustainable management of living and non-living nature, preservation of ecological stability of nature, quantity and quality of natural resources and prevention of dangers and risks to the environment. The general objectives of environmental protection are given in the National Strategy for Sustainable Development, among which the following are particularly significant:

    • balanced and fair economic development that can be sustained over a long period of time;
    • careful management and conservation (to the greatest extent possible) of non-renewable resources;
    • rational/sustainable use of energy and natural resources (water, land, forests, etc.);
    • minimization of waste, effective prevention and control of pollution and minimization of environmental risks;
    • application of the precautionary principle, i.e. demands that the natural balance be preserved in circumstances where there is no reliable information about a certain problem;
    • application of the principle of ecological compensation – if negative effects on the physical characteristics of areas with high values of biological diversity or the diversity of natural areas cannot be avoided, then a balance should be achieved by means of protection and conservation measures;
    • respect for ecological integrity – ecological processes on which the survival of species depends, as well as habitats on which their survival depends, should be protected;
    • provision of restoration and re-creation/renewal – where possible, biodiversity and diversity of natural areas should be restored and/or re-created, including measures for rehabilitation and reintroduction of endangered species;
    • selection of the best available technologies and best practice examples for environmental protection;
    • application of the principles of careful decision-making, based on the best possible information available
    • ensuring the participation of all interested parties in decision-making processes on key environmental issues related to the project, building dialogue and trust and developing social capital; protection of the cultural identity of the area.

At EcoEnergy Consulting, we are deeply committed to improving sustainability and reducing the negative impact of our activities on the environment, as evidenced by the implementation of international standards related to environmental protection.

On this occasion, we would like to share with you our passion and approach to environmental protection.

          1. Sustainable technologies for a sustainable future: In a world that is increasingly turning to renewable energy sources, EcoEnergy Consulting is part of those changes. By supporting companies working on the construction of solar systems, wind farms and other green technologies, we work to reduce harmful gas emissions and ensure clean and sustainable energy for future generations.
          2. Efficiency as the key: One of the most effective ways to protect the environment is to reduce energy consumption. Our focus on energy efficiency, through conducting energy inspections of buildings and providing adequate measures, helps clients to reduce energy consumption, reduce emissions and at the same time achieve significant savings.
          3. Promoting awareness: We believe that education plays a key role in environmental protection. Through campaigns, seminars and workshops, we encourage our clients and communities to recognize their impact and take steps towards a more sustainable future.
          4. Innovation for a better tomorrow: EcoEnergy Consulting supports research and development of innovative technologies that contribute to environmental protection. We work with partners and clients to develop solutions that rely on the latest scientific discoveries.
          5. Partnerships for change: We believe in the power of synergy. Partnerships with local communities, authorities and other organizations allow us to operate on a larger scale and achieve a more significant positive impact on the environment.
          6. Sustainability in a comprehensive context: Environmental protection does not only mean taking care of the ecology. This also implies taking care of people and society. Through our projects and initiatives, we work to build sustainable and prosperous communities.

Environmental protection is not only a responsibility, but also an opportunity to create a better future. At EcoEnergy Consulting, we work every day to make this vision a reality. If we share the same passion for preserving our planet, we invite you to join us on our journey to a greener future.


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